Wednesday, March 21, 2012

World Down Syndrome Day is Today

The University of Notre Dame community will mark World Down Syndrome Day on Wednesday, March 21, with Mass at 5:15 pm in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, followed by a reception in Remick Commons in Carole Sandner Hall (located behind the Basilica). This gathering, to which all members of the campus and off-campus communities are invited, is in support of persons with Down Syndrome and their families. Sponsorship of the free event is provided by the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) and the Jacques Maritain Center. This March 21 is the seventh anniversary of World Down Syndrome Day but is the first time the day will be officially observed by the United Nations.

Here are two wonderful youtube videos celebrating the blessings the Down Syndrome children bestow on their families:

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  1. Yes, this is wonderful! Very commendable.
    Yet in today's news we find this: "Notre Dame website links to pro-abortion 'internship opportunities' "
    What is it with ND's moral bipolarity? The U.S. thinks of ND as THE premiere Catholic university. Yet Catholics are time and time again scandalized by ND. (e.g., inviting President Trojan Horse Obama to speak at graduation, clearly the most anti-life and anti-religion president in history)