Thursday, September 23, 2010

Another medical system in need of reform

A dentist in Tipperary explains in the Irish Times how the failing Irish economy and poor decisions by the national Health Services Executive have jeopardized dental care for Irish patients, especially the most vulnerable in society:

"The continuing confusion surrounding these two dental benefit schemes has had two significant effects. Firstly, the most vulnerable in our society are being denied basic dental treatment - something I personally find shameful in a supposed civilised society.

Secondly, dentists have seen up to 80 per cent of their business simply disappear. The substantive issue of medical card treatments will not be heard in court until December. The PRSI scheme remains effectively collapsed.

Throughout Ireland, dentists are working three-day weeks, putting nurses on part-time and, in some cases, shuttering up for good.

This current situation, with PRSI patients disincentivised from maintaining adequate oral health and medical card patients denied basic dental services, sounded the death knell for my single-handed country practice whose life-blood was the two State benefit schemes."

Read the full story "Why I'm Closing My Practice" here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Psychological Factors in Women's Post-Abortion Experiences

The Witherspoon Institute published an article yesterday examining the distinctive psychological make up of women and how it leads to post-abortion trauma. Evelyn Birge Vitz and Paul C. Vitz, both professors of New York University, frankly discuss "Women, Abortion, and the Brain" in this new article.

An excerpt:

"A woman may reason her way to the decision to terminate the unwanted pregnancy. Her abortion decision may seem, and may indeed be, rational in terms of her long-term goals and interests, and her chosen values. But afterwards, a woman may experience several powerful reactions, which are rooted in the structures and basic chemistry of her brain."

Read the whole article here.