Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Best Thing in Life Was Unplanned

This Friday Ryan Bomberger will be giving a talk at Notre Dame on life issues in the black community at 4 p.m. in the Geddes Hall auditorium.  Ryan Bomberger is a pro-life activist who founded the Radiance Foundation to spread the light and beauty of life.  This Christmas season, Bomberger used the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ to honor the joy of all life.  As he so aptly puts its, the circumstances in which Jesus was born reflected the difficulties many experience in facing unplanned pregnancies:  "An unplanned pregnancy. A courageous teenage mother. A father who chose adoption over abandonment. This is Christmas. Without this scenario, we wouldn’t be honoring the most history-altering moment for humanity."

Even though Christmas is long past, the Holy Family and their decisions in light of less than ideal circumstances stands as a true testament to the wonderful gift of life.

To read more of Bomberger's article on Life News, click here.

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