Monday, April 18, 2011

Archbishop Chaput lecture

On April 8, the Notre Dame Right to Life student club sponsored the last lecture in its spring lecture series, given by Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver. Entitled "Politics and the Devil," he discussed the importance of advancing the right to life of the unborn within the full context of Catholic social teaching. An excerpt:

"The moral and political struggle we face today in defending human dignity is becoming more complex. I believe that abortion is the foundational human rights issue of our lifetime. We can’t simultaneously serve the poor and accept the legal killing of unborn children. We can’t build a just society, and at the same time, legally sanctify the destruction of generations of unborn human life. The rights of the poor and the rights of the unborn child flow from exactly the same human dignity guaranteed by the God who created us.
Of course, working to end abortion doesn’t absolve us from our obligations to the poor. It doesn’t excuse us from our duties to the disabled, the elderly and immigrants. In fact, it demands from us a much stronger commitment to materially support women who find themselves in a difficult pregnancy."

Click here to read the full address.

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