Monday, December 20, 2010

"Safe, legal, and rare"- in practice, abortion is none of those things

Writer Breda O'Brien comments on the recent case of A, B, and C v. Ireland that went before the European Court of Human Rights. She describes each woman's situation and the poor counseling they received, being pressured to see abortion in the UK as their only option when in fact it would only exacerbate their difficult personal situations.

An excerpt:
"As a woman who still calls herself a feminist, it makes me furious that feminists seem to think that abortion is such a good thing for women, an absolutely necessary “right”, when so often it is a somewhat brutal substitute for what they really need....Again, becoming a mother is seen as the worst possible option. How far have women’s rights come when that is still the case?"

It is an excellent piece, illuminating the difficult alternatives that stand before Ireland now. Read her full column here.

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