Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Vocation of a College Student

Prof. Stanley Hauerwas, Prof. of Divinity at Duke University, is a long time friend of Notre Dame and of the Center for Ethics and Culture and its Director, David Solomon.  In a recent piece for First Things, available here, he gives advice to Christian students who are beginning their freshman year in college.  We think it is pretty good advice and we invite all of you (especially our student friends) to read it.  We would also appreciate any feedback in the comment section.

An excerpt:

"Christ’s call on you as a student is a calling to meet the needs of the Church, both for its own life and the life of the world. The Resurrection of Jesus, Wilken suggests, is not only the central fact of Christian worship but also the ground of all Christian thinking “about God, about human beings, about the world and history.” Somebody needs to do that thinking—and that means you."

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